Boost Your WordPress SEO


I use the latest search-engine compliant “white-hat” techniques to boost your WordPress website’s SEO – no trickery that will backfire on you later.



֎ A FULL BACKUP of your WordPress database before and after SEO work completed.
֎ I will perform keyword research to establish your relevant search terms.
֎ I will implement vital systems to boost your WordPress website’s SEO:
֎ Register and configure Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools portals.
֎ Install and configure Yoast WordPress SEO, or All-in-one SEO, or your preferred WordPress SEO plugin.
֎ Install a redirection system that detects changed page URLs and automatically sets a page redirect.
֎ Run a site crawl to detect broken links and fix by removing bad links or setting page redirects.
֎ Set researched focus keywords for ranking pages and posts.
֎ Optimise titles, meta descriptions, heading tags and image tags for the page focus keywords.
֎ Configure social signal tags to link your website to your social media profiles.
֎ Implement structured data schema markup for your sitelink searchbox, logo and business information.
֎ Ensure that your website URLs are search engine friendly.
֎ Generate an optimized sitemap file and submit it to Google and Bing search engines.
֎ Configure Google to geolocate your search results for a particular country or region (if necessary).
֎ Optimise your website robots.txt file for search bots.
֎ PLUS! Get a free two month subscription to our WordPress Maintenance Program.


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