Website SEO Audit, e-Report and 30 min Online Consultation


We will evaluate your website in terms of current SEO best practices and show you the low-hanging fruit to improve your website ranking for high volume keywords on the major search engines to dramatically increase your organic traffic, and to reduce your website bounce rate so that visitors stay on your site.



A technical SEO Audit examines the foundational aspects of your website such as hosting configuration, website URL architecture, site security, crawl and index-ability, page speed, mobile-friendliness, link structure and integrity and supporting search-asset readiness. It will also examine your content in terms of on and off-page elements, content quality and quantity, focus keywords and keyword density and distribution. Once I have compiled all this information, I can then make an informed deviations to our prescribed scopes of work.

I will deliver a +/-200 point e-report outlining the issues affecting your website in the context of its SEO rankings on Google and Bing search. I will then discuss the contents of the report with you via web conference to plot a course of action going forward.


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