When it comes to setting up email forwarding in Google Suite without a Google account, there is an answer, but let us say that it isn’t exactly what one would call… intuitive. And although groups are an option, they end up being so unwieldy when external email recipients are involved. Here is the low-down on how to setup a google suite email forwarder without a user account.



= Log in to the Google Suite Admin Panel
> Google Admin > Apps > Google Workspace > Apps > Gmail > Default routing
> Add Rule
> 1. Specify envelope recipients to match: Single Recipient
– Email address: forwardfrom@gmail.com

> 2. If the envelope recipient matches the above, do the following
> Envelope recipient
– Change envelope recipient: On
– Replace recipient: forwardto@domain.tld

> Also deliver to
– Add more recipients: [optional]
– Click Add
– Recipient address: forwardtoanother@domain.tld
– Click Save

> 3. Options
– Perform this action on non-recognized and recognized addresses: On
– Click Save


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